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The faces behind Los Compadres

Los Compadres

Bienvenidos a la familia Los Compadres

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Daniela grew up on zesty comida, traditional music and dancing salsa with her family and friends. Many years later, after a move to the UK, she met her now brother in law Gavin. After a very warm family welcome and an instant chemistry that Walter White would be proud of, Gavin embraced ​the traditions and quickly became fascinated with the vibrant colour of Latin American culture and naturally became and advocate for promoting the culture in the UK.

After years of family fiestas, trips to Colombia and muchas empanadas, Los Compadres was organically born on love and appreciation for the traditions and customs of Latin America.

Our community is a place which allows fellow latinos to enjoy an authentic home from home, welcome wider audiences and showcase the best of Latin American culture to people in the UK.

Colombian hat
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